Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Loving: Gibsons B.C.

         As mentioned in yesterday's post our family spent the past weekend up on The Sunshine Coast- we stayed in Gibsons- home to the world famous t.v show- The Beachcombers!  On Sunday we had the good fortune to really spend a good amount of time exploring the downtown area of Gibsons- including having breakfast at Molly's Reach.

         OK so for my readers who were not a child of the 80's in Canada- Beachcombers was a popular TV show filmed in Gibsons and much of the lower mainland- I still get a kick seeing the episodes shot in and around Granville Island! Pretty much the entire theme of the series is based on salvaging logs and catching boat thieves- throw in some romances and there you have one of the CBC's most popular shows.

        So keeping in mind that both The Mr. and I are pop culture vultures we love seeing the place from one of our favourite childhood TV shows. These days tourists can also wader around the Persephone* as it is on display right in the centre of town- get up close and personal to have your picture taken or just sit on the benches and reminisce about your childhood!

         Molly's Reach- the focal point of The Beachcomber's where the plot was laid- has been a functioning restaurant for years now- we sat outside and had breakfast on Sunday morning- not only does it have a pretty great view but the food is tasty as well! The Littles give the pancakes two thumbs up!

           Downtown Gibsons is packed with charming galleries and tourist shops- we stopped and listened to the Knotty Dotters who were part of Music on the Landing- the summer music series bringing live music to the streets and parks of Gibsons Landing. Miss Lo and I stopped at the Public Art Gallery for a look around- the current show includes Kez Sherwood( who turns out is a friend's sister in law- yes it's a small world folks) and Nadina Tandy. 

       Of course no trip to the coast is complete with out a visit to a beach- and so we hit one of the beaches suggested to us by a local- it was lovely and deserted- just miles of wind swept rock and pounding surf. Lots of drift wood to entertain both the Littles and The Mr. as they spent a great deal of time building forts before switching over to crab collecting- fun for all!

       I am loving these little out of town excursions we have been having this summer- we do live in what I think is one of the most beautiful places in Canada and it is fun to explore new places as well as revisit old favourites with our Littles. Short trips- close to home- not much packing- these are the kinda vacations with kiddos that I can totally dig and we can all relax into!

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