Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Farmer's Market: Sechelt

          By now we all know how much I love a good Farmer's Market- as you may have read last week- it never occurred to me that I could visit other markets through out B.C.- so my original plan of visiting as many Farmer's Markets in Vancouver has now expanded to include all of BC! If there are crafters, coffee, bread and produce for sale in an outdoor venue I will find it and write about it- this is my new mission for the summer! So by now you will have noticed the big banner proclaiming Sechelt's Farmers and Artisans Market- and this is where we found ourselves last Saturday morning.

           What I love about visiting markets in different areas of our province is how the vibe or nature of each market is slightly different- each market attracting a slightly different crowd. The Sechelt market has a decidedly sea side vibe- lots of driftwood, blue, shells and translucent blown glass- this market was as ocean side as you could possibly get- vendors and wares matching the light in the air. How beautiful are these bowls?

          The food- oh the food! While the food truck invasion has yet to hit the Sunshine Coast there was plenty of local goodies to satisfy the troops- we had waffles from the Belgian Waffle stand and they were delish! With miniature waffles for the Littles and regular sized ones for adults we were all quite happy! Not to mention the candy, bread and Brookies- a hybrid of Brownie Cookie- which was awesomesauce!

          The Sechelt Market is the largest market on the Sunshine Coast and runs rain or shine from April through the end of September- every Saturday 9- 2:30. You can find the market tucked away next to Trail Bay Mall- the entire street is closed to traffic during the market. Potters, Jewelers, Glass Blowers and First Nations Artists are tucked in among beautiful stands of baking, produce and fish.

        I love seeing how artists are informed by their geographic region- their work a reflection of their settings- the feeling on the Sunshine Coast is definitely one of the good life and it shows on people's faces. Everyone we encountered was so friendly and happy- possibly a side effect of being surrounded by water and forests. The Sechelt market was one of the loveliest markets we have been to this summer- so much to see with so much thought and attention put into the details- it is very evident that these folks love what they do!

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