Friday, July 19, 2013

Away We Go

       Friends we are getting ready to hit the road again this weekend- this is our main trip of the summer- a whole ten days away from home visiting our family in the Okanagan- and for the majority of that I will be parenting solo- good thing there will be wine! I am looking forward to enjoying this view ASAP on Saturday afternoon- we hit this teeny tiny little beach last summer during our niece's wedding and loved it so much we are going to go back. It has all the things that make lake swimming so perfect- it is quiet- well off the beaten path, has a bit of shade, ice cream near by and shallow warm water!

   The Littles and I were chatting about what to expect when swimming in a lake- they imagine lakes to be teaming with sharks, jelly fish and clams- I had to burst their bubble and explain that "No lakes are for the most part very safe with no sting rays or wolf eels". Who's kids are these anyways? Yeash!

    Anyways I am hoping to post next week with the final of my three projects from my artist talk at Opus last weekend as well as a few new projects that we are getting help from Poppa on! Also I am running my screen printing class next Tuesday in Peachland- if you are in the Okanagan and interested I have one spot left! Just leave a comment or Facebook me and I will get back to you ASAP!
     I will admit I am a tiered Momma- I am looking forward to a week of my own Mom talking care of me- yes Mom that is the real reason I am coming home! She and I have some big plans cooking for a week of yoga, many lattes and glasses of wine on the patio! Plus I know the Littles are stoked to spend time with Poppa and all their cousins, Aunties, Uncles and Friends! Not to mention all the time we plan to spend at the lake- oh heaven!

     So I am signing off on this beautiful Summer Friday- I hope you will all be relaxing with a glass of fine boxed wine while we battle traffic to get out of town! May you have sunshine on your shoulders and in your hearts Friends! Happy Friday!

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  1. My kids were so confused by the lake, since they've mostly only seen an ocean, so different from us, eh? Anyhow after lots of talking of salt vs fresh water and what creatures live in a lake or in the ocean they were excited to swim in the lake. Then the weather was rainy and crappy the whole time we were in the Okanagan, except for those few days when Hudson was sick. Next year!


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