Friday, July 26, 2013

Craft Camp: Wooden Boats

          We arrived home from five- yes five hours at the beach yesterday to find my Dad had cut out these cute little wooden boats for the Littles. After setting down in a shady spot under the back deck we got to work with the finishing aspects of Poppa's awesome little boats- after five hours of some intensive playing and swimming with friends this was the perfect remedy to help a couple of Littles unwind.

          With a bit of unenthusiastic sanding- as in apparently children do not like to sand blocks of wood- the kids were ready to decorate their ships- we used some basic acrylic paints to cover the entire wood surface- I am hoping this seals the wood well enough. If not then a quick coat of water proof varnish will do the trick once we get home. We kept the pallet pretty limited so as not to overwhelm two tiered kiddos.

         As always my Littles had a great time painting- The Boy going for more of a camouflage effect where as Miss Lo went mostly pink- quell surprise! A sturdy mast was glued in place and we topped their ships with sails made of craft foam- super simple- and water proof.

     The Littles loved this post beach, pre-dinner project and so did the adults as we sat in the shade sipping a few libations- most essential after five hours at the beach! Today is our final day in Peachland and of course we are headed back down to he lake for more swimming- we will also set our boats out on their maiden voyage!

    This week has flown by- filled with loads of family, lots of emotion, friends old and new and a whole lot of swimming. As much as I love visiting the Okanagan I am looking forward to being back in my own home- sometimes I think I go away just to have that feeling of coming home! My wish for you dear Friends is that this weekend is filled with sunshine, laughter and love- Happy Friday!

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