Monday, July 29, 2013

Coming Home: Vancouver

         My entire adult life my heart has lived in two places- half stays in the Okanagan and half I carry around with me in the city- I am not sure how it is possible to love two places so equally and miss them so equally when I am absent. This past weekend was a weekend of "one last time"- as in one last time picking green beans in the garden with Poppa- kale and broad beans too. Racing around to check every last thing in the yard before getting in the car- checking under beds to make sure nothing was missed- giving big hugs.

        One last dip in the lake- none of us wanted to leave- the water was so warm and perfect and that rope swing made things very interesting! Our sweet niece paid us a visit with her wee babe- and oh what a bundle! Those legs and cheeks I could have just eaten them up! It was so nice to sit in the shade holding a new baby and chatting with our niece who is quite the Little Mother- oh how I wish we were closer to watch them both grow!

         Our final day was spent in Vernon- lots of treats from Oma and Opa- ice creams at D.Q. and a quick run in the park before loading back into the truck and turning our sights West- as we came over the mountains my thoughts turned to the week ahead. All that we have on the go became a bit overwhelming after not planning or doing anything for ten days!

        So here I sit on an early Monday morning- a familiar coffee cup in my hand full of my favourite Saltspring Island brew- in my regular writing spot- trying to wake two sleepy heads for the first day of Summer camp- if not for the photographic evidence it is almost like last week never happened! But for the photos and the feeling of contentment- having connected with so many dear people- missing so many we didn't get to see. The hugs, snuggles,sunshine, laughter, brightness and even the sunburns have seeped into our souls- to carry us through till next time!

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  1. It's nice to go home though, back to your routine and your own bed. I love going back to the Okanagan and Calgary, but it's always so nice to return to California, I wouldn't' say my heart is here, but my life is.


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