Friday, July 5, 2013

Craft Camp: Watercolour Beads

        When I call this project Craft Camp it could also be called Camp Craft- these Littles love to draw and colour and did so all weekend- stickers, markers, post cards, water colours and  plain wooden beads- they had a blast! This little project is super fun and great for the outdoors as it can be a tad messy- perfect combo for some camping quiet time!

        What you will need are some watercolours, brushes and water ad well as plain wooden beads( we got ours at Collage Collage) and a few pipe cleaners or string for threading your jewelry- paper towels and a few spare plates are also good to have on hand.

        I set our station up with two plastic plates side by side- one contained the plain beads and the other some paper towel- then we unleashed the Littles for an hour of painting- they just decorated their plain beads till they were all gone. The idea here is more to stain the beads than goop on the paint- excess paint will rub or wash off if the beads get wet again so use colour sparingly.

        Place painted beads on paper towel and allow to dry- then start threading the colourful beads onto pipe cleaners (our choice here) for bracelets or string for necklaces. This project is good for all ages and can be slightly tweaked for the older kiddos- just add glitter glue for those with a more sophisticated pallet or glow in the dark paint for Ben Ten fans!

        Friends it is Friday again- this shortened week really flew by- I really hoped you enjoyed my week of Pender Island loveliness! I am going to round things off with a few final images that I could just not pass up- my girl and her caterpillars, The Tree of Life Farm stand and the Pet food barn- all so good I had to share! I hope that this weekend finds you with joy in your heart and sunshine on your shoulders- life is an adventure- go have one!

PS- The Mr took those adorable photos of Miss Lo and her "pets" a few almost came home with us but I am happy to report all caterpillars were released in the forest before we left!


  1. Looks like fun! Those pics with the caterpillars are beyond adorable!

    1. Miss Lo is a pretty funny kid! and yes I agree- pretty adorable:) Thank you!


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