Thursday, July 4, 2013

Farmer's Market: Pender Island

         Earlier in the Summer when I declared that I wanted to visit as many Farmer's Markets as possible this year it never dawned on me that there would be other markets in other towns that I would get to check out! So I was pleasantly surprised when my Mom told me about the Pender Island Farmer's Market- it runs every Saturday from 9:30- 1pm at the Rec Centre in the Summer months.

         I was super impressed- the majority of vendors were artists and crafters showing off some stellar items- everything from re- purposed children's clothes to beautiful leather goods and jewelry. We watched how wooden spoons are made which was really interesting. If we had been so inclined- A.K.A. if The Mr. had waited for me- there were also Tarot card and palm readers which would have been fun. All of this was in addition to some lovely produce, eggs, coffee, preserves and breads- so much goodness in one place- this was definitely more of an Artisan's Market than a Farmer's Market!

         The Pender Island Fire Department was on hand teaching kids about fire safety and "stop, drop and roll"- of course our kids were only interested in shooting the fire hose at the target! The Boy may or may not have wanted to hose down other things but luckily that Fireman kept him in check!

        I was thrilled when I came across the Button Lady of Pender Island- table upon table of amazing handmade buttons! I could have spent all day chatting & perusing buttons but the Littles were having none of that- so I made my selection with the help of The Boy and away we went. This oversizes turquoise thimble also came home with me- so cute!

         In my little world these are the best possible souvenirs to bring home from a vacation- something special that I can't find any where else that when I use it and look at it I will remember the smoking hot day, beside a barn, shaded by giant Douglas Firs that I bought it! Those little wrens are destined to be on a sweater for Miss Lo and that giant poppy perhaps on a hat!

PS- there is also apparently a stellar Fall Fair on the Island which would be fun to go back for- it takes place Saturday August 24.


  1. Looks awesome, Sharilyn! I was supposed to go to Pender Island this summer but looks like it might fall through, so in case I don't go, I get to vicariously experience their Farmer's Market through you. Looks like it was a gooder!

    1. Oh too bad Krista! I would say the Saltspring Island and Pender Island markets are two of my faves for amazing handmade goods. Hopefully you make it out to the Gulf Islands one day soon!


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