Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Days

       The weather has been that spectacular sort that is just too good to ignore- so instead of checking things off my "to do" list much time has been spent outside at the beach- yes be sure more beach posts are to follow- it's just how we roll this time of the year! So iced tea (not whiskey iced tea because I know my Mom will wonder) and peanut butter sandwiches on blankets outside are happening with regular occurrence lately. Lunch time gatherings with friends by the shore- long afternoon spent outside on the deck- chatting and enjoying the breeze- that is all.

     Friends it is Friday again! I am so happy- the Mr. has been working some long hours lately and we are looking forward to lots of family time this weekend. The water parks are now all turned on for the season and of course the Farmer's Market- I mean what else do we ever do! I hope that where ever you are in this fine world of ours that your days are filled with laughter, joy and some spiked iced tea - much love Friends!

P.S. be sure to check out my Plain Jane Facebook page for details on my upcoming Textile Printing class- I still have room for two more people!


  1. Love this! My to-do list actually includes spend more time outside this summer - we just don't do enough of it at my place. Thanks for sharing your cuties:)

    Pink Chai Style

    1. Oh so many great beaches & outdoor spaces in our beautiful city! If you are in need of awesome places for go with your Littles feel free to ask away!


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