Thursday, June 6, 2013

Whiskey Iced Tea

     It is getting hot here- like Summer has finally arrived- with that hot weather comes the urge to hang out on our deck- enjoying the ocean air and sip on some tasty, Summery libations. One of my favourites for warm weather sipping is Whiskey Iced Tea- spiked with a bit of lemon balm or mint.

     At the start of the day I like to brew up a jug of Sun Tea- harvest solar energy and use it to your advantage. Sun Tea is simple- get a jug or a jar and fill it with water- throw in a tea bag or two and mint or lemon balm- place it in a sunny spot and leave it to brew. When you come back a few hours later you have an infusion that just tastes like sunshine- pour over ice and enjoy.

         Whiskey Iced Tea

1 once whiskey
lemon juice
1 teaspoon sugar (optional)
sun tea
garnish with mint or lemon

      Kick back in a lawn chair on the porch and enjoy- just sit and watch the ice melt- sip- watch the world go by! I think the art of doing nothing has fallen by the wayside- I am most guilty of this as I always have a project on the go- my goal this summer is to redefine relaxing- patio chilling- with this fine bevy in hand!

* this is most definitely enjoyed even more when with a friend or five!


  1. This pregnant lady would like that, sans booze. I've been making fruity/ herby fruit waters, also perfect for a sunny day on the porch. My current fave is strawberries and basil, I want to try sage and grapefruit next.

    1. mmmm basil strawberry- can't wait till both those things are in season at the same time in our garden! Maybe next week? I used lemon balm as I have a very healthy lemon balm plant ( Mint Green Apron- thank you!) and it is what I had on hand- I did make non- whiskey iced tea with elder flower syrup( Cousin Laura- thank you) and it was super yummy!

    2. writing this makes me realize people give me a lot of stuff- I have awesome friends!


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