Monday, June 10, 2013

Farmer's Market: Kitsilano

        By now all my readers know how much I love a good Farmer's Market- I love supporting the local food producers and feeding my family high quality food straight from the folks who grow it. I love the atmosphere- the music, the food trucks but most of all the community that is felt in the air. With this in mind I decided to make it part of my Summer mission to visit every Farmer's Market in Vancouver- if there is a market I will visit it!

       This weekend we hit the Kitsilano market- this is the market we visit the most often even though it is not in our neighbourhood- it is sort of in our old neighbourhood and we have been shopping here since the Littles were brand new- perhaps it is nostalgia that keeps us coming back. At any rate we love this market even though we have to now drive to get there.

       Always busy with scores of people stocking up on fresh goods- like the yummy garlic scapes that are now in season- the Kits market can at times feel a bit frantic. It is always good to go with a written list- if I don't have a list I can get overwhelmed and forget what I even came for!

      Aside from all the amazing food and artisan vendors the Kits market is adjacent to a great playground that is a must visit post market. Our usual marketing plan is hitting the food trucks first so we shop on a full stomach- then we shop for groceries- then we grab an iced coffee and hit the park with the kiddos. All in all it makes a great morning!

        While the Kitsilano Market is one of the busier markets in Vancouver I still find it a much more relaxing way to shop than in a conventional grocery store. Maybe it is the "natural" lighting and fresh air- maybe it is connecting with the people who produce our food- or maybe it is the fact that there are no carts crashing into the back of my legs! Whatever it is this is my favourite way to shop!

        Located at the corner of Larch and 10 ave- in the parking lot of the Kitsilano Community Centre- the market runs from 10-2 pm every Saturday. Prepare to meet your maker! Next weekend we are hitting the Trout Lake Market- I will bring you back a full report next Monday!


  1. I'm always worried my kiddo will get overwhelmed by the vast amount of people in a small space, so I never make the trek out to the Vancouver markets. We often hit the Steveston Farmer's market, but there just doesn't seem to be as much vegetable variety!

    1. I hear you Amber- we find a good way to do our shopping at the Farmer's Market- with the kids staying happy & not freaking out is to be there when the market starts- this is key! It is totally overwhelming for a little one to be surrounded by such a crowd! We also make sure everyone's blood sugar is stable and we are fast- we linger & relax after the shopping is done and the kids are unleashed in the playground!!


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