Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Field Trip: Crescent Beach

      I warned you last week- more beach posts were surely coming up and here we are back at the beach again! This weekend we made the journey out to Crescent Beach in White Rock- which is a fair distance from our house but well worth the hour car ride! A perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

        Crescent Beach feels like it is in a different country- it feels a bit like a California ocean- side resort community- slightly removed from White Rock and a bit off the beaten path. The water is amazing- clear, shallow and warm- everything water in Vancouver is not! In addition the architecture is fantastic everything from super modern Dwell like homes to quaint English cottages- and the people watching can't be beat!

       The tidal pools are a real treat- tiny fish (we think Rock Cod or Flounder) can be seen darting from shady spot to shady spot- sea worms, anemones and if you are lucky live sand dollars! Oh and the shells- it is highly advisable to bring a bucket for your collection which will surely grow!

     So much to explore and do in Crescent Beach- and by so much I mean so many miles of sand to roam and so many ice cream flavours to try- 52 flavours to be exact! So if your idea of a good time is chilling out on the beach while your Littles run for miles on safe, sandy beaches followed by either a pint with fish and chips or a sugary treat at the ice cream stand than this is the place for you!

P.S- if you go be sure not to be fooled by the brisk ocean breeze- slather on the sun screen and throw on your hoody!

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