Friday, May 3, 2013

Tying Up Loose Ends & a Shop Update

       Lately we have been in the middle of a creative super storm- all surfaces of our living space are covered in fabric, wool, patterns, paint, screen printing stuff and all the kid's art sundries. Kid's Clothing Week wrapped up just this past Sunday and I will admit I have really been struggling to finish my last two projects- one the Zephyr Romper from Figgy's Patterns was finally wrapped up yesterday afternoon. 

    I love how it turned out- so does Miss Lo obviously! As with any totally new pattern this one was not with out it's learning curve- I found the back closure to be particularly challenging however having completed it once I now know what I can do differently next time! A great part about home sewing is personalized details- like the large leather buttons on this garment- they came from my Grandma's button collection- now my daughter is wearing them- love that.

      Like I mentioned last Friday I loved participating in Kid's Clothing Week- not only did my Littles get pretty much an entire warm weather wardrobe I also stumbled across many new blogs that are completely inspiring- I loved being part of the Flickr group - seeing what everyone was coming up with! There is another Kid's Clothing Week going into Fall and I am sew looking forward to participating again- this time I may pace myself a bit more!

      In other news- I have a few new goodies going up in the old Etsy shop tomorrow- these sweet little Moleskine notebooks just happened- I am totally digging the layered prints- more of these to come for sure! These are perfect for a friend- or to pop into a Mother's Day card - what Mom doesn't need to make a million lists!What do you think of the new grey cover option?

       Speaking of cards! I have a few new cards going up in the shop as well- this wee little bunny card is perfect for a baby shower- bright and fun for Spring.

       I also have several fun and funny Mother's Day options as well- cause yes it is that time of year again- I know a few girls who will be celebrating their first Mother's Dy this May- how special! In my humble opinion every day should be Mother's Day- but alas it is but once a year- so send your Momma a card or at bare minimum give her a call!

      Friends it is Friday again! Yahooo- It's the weekend! This weekend is going to be crazy busy for me- I am teaching my first screen and block printing class to a group of awesome ladies- and my Father In Law will also be visiting- I know the Littles are looking forward to that! Friends- may your glasses be full of fine boxed wine and the sun be shining on your shoulders- see you next week!

P.S. if you haven't checked it out all ready- please pop over to my Etsy shop- plainjane34 or check out my Facebook page for updates as well- while you are there feel free to "like" my page;)


  1. Hermoso tu blog!!! me encanta ese conjunto!! y las libretas son encantadoras!! precioso todo.

    muchos besos

  2. Very nice romper! Love your choice of fabric...


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