Thursday, May 2, 2013

Craft Camp: Solar Prints

      There is something so magical about watching a photo develop- be it in the darkroom or out in the sunshine. Realistically most kids will not have an opportunity to experience a darkroom- or even know what film even is- I promise I won't start waxing nostalgic about the death of film photography! At any rate Solar Prints are a great way to experience the science and magic behind making a negative print- a great project for a sunny afternoon!

      What you will need is a pack of Solar Print Paper- we purchased ours from The Granville Island Toy Company- or can be ordered online here! You will also need a tray of cold water, a few clean tea towels and sunshine!

      What to do: after opening package be sure not to expose the blue side of the paper to sunlight- the idea is to work pretty fast- place a piece of Solar paper blue side up- after placing objects on paper, put in a sunny spot for 1-3 minutes or until the paper has turned fully white.

    Immediately put paper into a pan of cold water for one minute- this makes the image permanent. Dry your print flat- you may lightly blot the paper carefully with a clean cloth.

     We used a few of our favourite toys to make our Solar prints today- The Boy used his dragon and of course Miss Lo used a Little Pony- Playmobile toys work great- really any item with clearly defined edges works well. Another favourite is natural materials- like leaves & flowers- it's always fun to go on a nature walk and then use found plants in Solar printing! Have fun and play!


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