Monday, May 6, 2013

Into The Woods We Go

       Yesterday morning we packed up first thing and headed into the woods- to get there was quite the journey but well worth it-  the cost of a bit of quiet solitude beside a stream in the woods. As with last weekend we just needed to get out of the city- the weather would not have allowed any other plan as it was the first really hot day of the season- yes hot enough for swim suits and ice cream cones!

       Our destination was Golden Ears Provincial Park- a place I had not visited in several years- the last time I was there was with a dear friend and her wee toddler- that wee toddler is now on the brink of being a teen- time really does move too fast. I remember sitting by the shores of Alouette Lake- all those years ago- and watching my friend with her daughter- thinking "I'm going to bring my kids here... one day".

       The Littles found a little spot by the stream and played in the glacial cold waters until their feet were numb and they didn't even notice- the sunshine warming their backs. We played and snacked, relaxed and visited- you see Opa joined us on our adventures this weekend- and so the Littles were spoiled with love and treats. River rocks were collected and sorted into colour coded piles- then tossed back into the water with resounding splashes! Sticks were thrown and giant branches were maneuvered into dam like structures that immediately washed downstream- but fun was had by all.

       I pulled up a spot on a beach towel and started work on yet another wee tiny hat for another wee tiny baby soon to be born- this hat is special- knit with lots of love in the dappled sunlight next to a little creek- infused with giggles, fresh air and fun. This hat has magic in it.

     All too soon it was time to pack up and head back to the city- our hearts calmed by the gurgling waters, our bodies tiered by the hard work of play and our minds stilled by the wind in the trees- living as our family does- in the heart of downtown- we need to seek our connection to nature- it is so easy to be out of touch with that aspect of our souls. So with our cups filled to the top with happiness and nature we leave the woods- connected and at peace.

   P.S- lessons I learned this weekend: I need more than 1 first aide kit- as in I need a 1st Aide Kit in every bag I carry- ditto with the sunscreen, also once children of this age go into the water they rarely wish to come back out- even to eat- account for this at breakfast before heading outside!

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