Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Bucket List

         We love being outside- we love being out in nature even more- this past weekend we crossed the first item off our Summer Bucket List- hike Pacific Spirit Park again- we had not been since January- it was time. Each Spring we like to sit together and as a family decide what we would like to do for the coming season- this year we have joined The Happy Family Movement and officially created a Summer Bucket List!

         Obviously many of the highlights on our list are outdoor activities- Miss Lo has requested a picnic in the park with her friend Daphne and The Boy wants to have more water fights in the park with his friends from the building. As parents we are always encouraging the Littles to get outside, get moving and have fun- as a general rule of thumb we try to spend at least an hour a day outside- sometimes on really rainy days that can be a real stretch- other nicer days it can be difficult to come inside!

So here is our Summer Bucket List for 2013

1) go camping (three camp outs booked)
2) eat S'mores
3) go strawberry and blueberry picking- make jam
4) go to Atlantis water slides in Vernon
5) go to the Twilight Drive -In theatre in Aldergrove (this is the Mr.s request)

6) picnic with Daphne
7) water fight with friends
8) bike ride to Second Beach pool
9) bike ride to Ganges on Saltspring Island (via the ferry of course!)
10) make popsicles

11) bon fire at Poppa's house with hotdogs and S'mores
12) go on a Momma date to the beach with wine- see this post
13) explore Fort Langley
14) try a new beach- we love Spanish Banks but are looking for a new spot!
15) go hiking in Pacific Spirit Park

16) go to Whistler (my vote is to a spa)
17) check out the Sole Food Farm right up the street from our house
18) more crafting ( The Boy)
19) learn to make Kombucha (me)
20) learn to make ice cream!

       It is a pleasure to dream and plan about the coming season- thinking about the warm winds blowing through our hair, sand in our toes and our eyes resting upon the beauty of Mother Nature. Come what may this Summer is going to be a good Summer- I can feel it in my bones!


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