Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekending: Foodie Edition

      We are foodies- yes we love food- good , local, simple, tasty food- and we would prefer that food was GMO free- so after some humming and awing about the weather we made our way to the March Against Monsanto this past Saturday. It was pouring- like the classic, heavy sort of rain that Vancouverites lovingly refer to as "Liquid Sunshine"- but spirits were high as protesters filtered into  yard of the Art Gallery.

       You might wonder what a protest against the Evil Empire Monsanto has to do with being a foodie- the way I see it is good quality food should not come at a price- financial or health. Seeds belong to the world- not a corporation that seeks to mutate them into an abomination of nature. The idea that perhaps one day my children will not be able to plant the seeds of their great grandparents is terrifying to me- so as a person who loves good food that is good for our bodies, doesn't cause cancer or bug's stomachs to explode- the answer can only be found in standing up and saying No- which is how we started out our Foodie weekend!

      Post March Against Monsanto found us seeking shelter- out of the incessant rain at 
Tacofino Commissary at 2327 East Hastings- yes we finally made it to the Commissary! The bricks and mortar restaurant of  the famed Tacofino food truck- obviously we felt obligated to try as many things as possible- the Brunch Nachos were fantastic and of course the fish tacos never disappoint!

        Sunday dawned not much brighter than the day before- we started our morning off with a few cups of Salt Spring Coffee- which is fast becoming the favourite brew around these parts! French Toast made with local eggs and bread by Daddy was served along with yummy homemade Endless Summer jam- the last jar of the year!

        We hit the Kitsilano Farmer's Market and stocked up on so many yummy, fresh goodies! Eggs, Radishes, Lettuce, Cheese, Mushrooms and of course a visit to the baked treats lady- so much fresh goodness to be found at the Farmer's Market! Once again in spite of the grey skies the market was packed- possibly the busiest I have seen it ever.

       As an individual there are many thing we can do to stop the spread of GMOs- our biggest form of protest is in our wallets- shop smart and buy organic, grow your own food- even just a herb garden in the window, put down the pre-packaged foods- corn, wheat and soy are the most genetically modified foods and can be found in most pre-prepared foods.

        "My Grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a Doctor, a Lawyer, a Policeman and a Preacher but every day, three times a day, you need a Farmer"
Brenda Schoepp

       In completely unrelated news- voting for Top Vancouver Mom Blogger starts today- feel free to follow this link over to the site and if your heart is in it vote for me please! Check out Vancouver Mom- it is the place to vote!

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