Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rhythm of The Studio

         People often ask me how I ever manage to get things done- to which I often reply in confusion "What do you mean?" What they mean of course is how do I ever manage to get any of my own work done- the work that doesn't involve laundry, tapping down sibling arguments or feeding the yawning maws of these little ones. For the most part our Littles are pretty self sufficient- they manage to find ways to occupy themselves and never really care what I am doing- unless they are hungry or can't reach the glue sticks.

     Yesterday was the perfect example of how we run our day- when we woke up it was to day two or was it three of rain- not the soft misty sort but the sort of rain that soaks through to your bra- yeah that kinda rain. So we had a long afternoon ahead of us- I was itching to get to work on a custom project and so when the Littles decided to pull out their own craft supplies and craft along beside me I was quite happy that at least they weren't trying to climb the book shelf. Yes our apartment was a disaster- very chaotic and I may have slipped on a glue stick- but oh did they ever have fun flexing their creative muscles!

     With my Littles literally at my feet I managed to get a few new screens completed- samples for a few orders as well as finishing up a few new goodies for my Etsy shop. First up are these adorable
Party Elephants! These started life as proofs for my custom order- and I completely fell in love with them- so of course I added party hats and balloons- these are post card style and come with envelopes- perfect for birthday invitations or thank you cards!

      My other little pet project around here has been really focusing on our own plastic consumption- and we are all making a huge effort to reduce the shear amount of plastic coming into our life! So it was a natural for me to start making these produce bags- great for the Farmer's Market where the vendors often don't even have bags- and even better for the grocery store where they do have plastic bags. I have two prints available right now- the clothes peg print and these darling little bunnies under the ferns- both are up in the Etsy shop.

       Now I don't want to give the illusion that every day is craft heaven around here- where my little ones sit contently and colour in the lines! Some days are better than others- some days I plan to work and instead end up mediating children's disputes All-Day-Long.The key for me has always been- no matter the situation- to just go with the flow- it isn't about finding balance- it's about finding the rhythm of our days and working together as a family so that every one can lay their head on the pillow at night satisfied with the shape of their day!

P.S. in other news please take a moment to check out all the nominations for Vancouver's Top 30 Mom Blogger of 2013- yup I'm there- it would be great f you wanted to vote for me;) Also you can vote more than once! So don't forget to go back- and vote for me again!xox

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