Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Girl & I

     Miss Lo is almost four- in a few short months- time has gone by so fast and yet not fast at all- I can only attribute this to my obsession with monitoring time- I am acutely aware and always have been of it's passing. Miss Lo and I do not get much one on one time these days- we never really have- The Boy is always around- so when we get the chance for some Momma- Miss time we grab onto it and do something uber girly!

        It might seem a bit cliche to go shopping with my daughter- I don't really want to bond with her over excessive consumption- however exploring our neighbourhood shops on a quiet Friday morning after yoga feels so right. We wandered through Gastown poking our noses into design shops and boutiques that our men folk want no part of- and that is what makes it so special.
      I watch my young lady changing from a wee babe- to a crazy toddler and now into a fearless kid- observing how she interacts with shop keepers- what she likes and doesn't as her style and taste start to develop. This kid is pretty special- she is clever and quick like Mr. Fox! I still can't get over that this little soul chose us- we are so very lucky!


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