Friday, May 31, 2013

T.G.I.F- For Reals

          Finally we are staring down the rabbit hole that is Friday- this seems like it was the longest week ever- not helped a all by the fact that we are all sick- and so the Littles have not been sleeping- and The Mr.'s bike was stolen by some thieving thug- and it rained- every- single- day! I realize these are pretty trivial things to complain about- my life could be much, much worse- but still the week seemed extra long and emotional. With this in mind I finally have called it quits on the week and we all tucked in for some comfort- food and warmth.

       I had a stash of rhubarb sitting in our crisper and it needed to be dealt with before it got too far gone and turned to compost- so I decided to give Michelle of Mint Green Apron's Perfect Rhubarb Squares a whirl. The pictures accompanying her blog post looked extra comforting and so I skipped making the standard compote I had originally settled on in favour of this- something my Mom or Mother In Law would make. Boy oh boy I was not disappointed- this is a tasty treat indeed! Check out the recipe and Pin it for use in the future!

       Then I had a request from the Littles- they wanted to make something for Daddy- since his bike was stolen and he was slightly out of sorts and cranky last night- so from rhubarb we moved onto The Mr.'s favourite peanut butter cookies- you can find my Mom's no fail recipe here- it is a family favourite!

        So here we are with some comforting goodies, all tucked in with our runny noses and tea- the Littles playing some stacking games and I just started a new knitting pattern- yes I am moving beyond hats into new territory- hand warmers! I think I am going to pick up what the Universe is putting down- we are going to take it easy and just chill- with a little side helping of these rhubarb squares!

        Friends weather it is sunny, rainy or heavens to Betsy snowing in your neck of the woods this weekend I hope you are feeling much love and peace!

P.S.- can you even believe that Summer- SUMMER- is only a few weeks away?

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