Friday, May 10, 2013

Light: Colour

       We have spent almost every minute outdoors this week- yesterday was no exception- the Littles and I took our paints and coffee out to the deck for a bit of quiet creative time- OK I was the only one drinking coffee- relax! It is so fun for the three of us to work together- one of them suggested I mix coffee grounds with my water colours- sure lets give it a try- see what happens. Love how they think!

    I pulled the old oil sticks out for a bit of mixed media (for me- not them) which yielded some surprisingly interesting results when combined with water colours and coffee grounds! I found a few blank pages in an old journal- hand made Tibetan paper which was light and airy to paint on- the fibres sucking up the pigment as soon as brush hit paper.

   With days like this I have to ask myself is Mother's Day really this Sunday or is it every day? Quiet moments, loud moments, hard moments and silly moments- each day I spend home with them is Mother's Day. I don't need a gift or a thing to tell me how special this is- although lattes in bed after 8 am will be greatly appreciated this coming Sunday! 

      Friends it is Friday again- the start of the precious weekend- two whole days to play together as a family- what adventures do you have planned? We are hoping to hit the opening day at the Trout Lake Farmer's market on Saturday- so excited to see whats in stock! Wherever your adventures take you I hope it's outside- full of laughter and lattes- Happy Mother's Day Mommas!

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