Monday, May 13, 2013

Field Trip: Momma's Choice

       This weekend it was all about staying local- the weather was a bit iffy and we just needed some down time- so we did what we do best- headed to the Farmer's Market. We went on a bit of an adventure and checked out a new market at Vancouver's River District (South East Marine Drive & Kerr St) which was bucolic and laid back but much smaller than the markets we are used to. Some Farmer's Market scores for the weekend were fresh radishes, organic seedlings and the best goat cheese ever- be still my beating heart!

     Of course since Sunday was Mother's Day all eyes turned to this Momma to see what the plan was- a rainy Sunday obviously called for a trip to the local nursery for more planters and dirt followed by a trip to Granville Island. The Kid's Market for the Littles and a half hour of uninterrupted browsing and brain storming at one of my favourite local haunts- Maiwa Supply. The ladies who work in the shop are more than a wealth of information and I picked their brains about an upcoming project that is brewing in my soul. I may have also bought myself some new knitting needles.

    I love connections with others that leave you really excited to try something new or just confirm that the path you are walking is populated with super awesome people- glad to know I am not walking this handmade journey alone- love that!

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