Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vancouver Is Awesome & A Shop Update


        Vancouver is awesome- there are so many aspects that I love about this fair city of ours- occasionally the weather is stellar- as in beyond comparison- yesterday was one of those days- hot with that ocean breeze touching every part of the city- so fresh. We spent almost the entire day outside- mostly playing in the water and eating ice cream cones finally rounding out the day with dinner at one of our favourite beaches!

    I decided to take a few new goodies along for a spin- just to try them out and make sure they passed the quality control! New in my Etsy shop this week is the introduction of Plain Jane Home- home sewn, hand screen printed linen goods for every day life. These generously sized napkins are by far my favourite item of the week- at 19" x 19" these natural linen napkins are sure to cover any lap- sets of 4 are only $40.00!

       In the same vein are these bright tea towels- again 100 % linen- but white linen with a subtle metallic sheen running through- bright prints placed in a Wabi Sabi manner will add interest to any kitchen situation! Linen Tea towels $12 a piece or a mix and match set of two for $20.00- these are going fast- my first batch sold out all ready!

       I really have this amazing weather to thank for my recent boost of energy- I am loving the colour that is filling our city and the light- so inspiring! After a long, dark winter I think we were all due for a little- or a lot of sunshine! Last night at Second Beach we mainly people watched as all of Vancouver's West End residents seemed to have emptied out into Stanley Park- they say in a city you don't know your neighbours- I beg to differ!

      Also new to the shop are these two wee little mini Moleskine notebooks- these are perfect to slip into a back pocket or throw in a tote bag to take to the beach- writing lists or sketching the scenery- this is the perfect little notebook- especially with fun new covers! 

    The water was chilly but we all went in anyways- this Momma was reminded that it is the time of year when swim suits should be packed no matter what- although the Littles of course got soaked anyways! I'm loving this pre summer heat wave we are having- I say bring it on- the hotter the better!

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