Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy May Long Weekend!

       The best thing about long weekends is that when you wake up on the Monday morning there is often- really- no where to go- no hurry- nothing to do. We are on holiday for a few more hours- I am going to grab another cup of coffee- sit back in the sunshine on the deck and relax a bit longer.

     In an awesome and surprising turn of events my good friend Caro nominated me for Vancouver's Top Mom Blogger of 2013- I seem to have made it into the top 30! Being nominated was more than enough- to think that someone actually pays that much attention to this little space on the interwebs- but to be top 30 is quite the thrill indeed! Voting for top blogger starts next week- meanwhile feel free to visit Vancouver Mom to check out some of my fellow nominees.

    Happy loooong weekend Friends- see you back here tomorrow for a fun and majorly easy craft tutorial! As well as more gardening chat and possibly some discussion about coffee!

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