Friday, May 17, 2013

Duck's Egg Blue

        Duck's Egg Blue by Martha Stewart from Home Depot is my colour of choice for today- no I am not painting walls- I am trying my hand at freshening up some furniture! I have long been boring close friends with an inability to chose a paint colour- finally a decision has been made and one of many painting projects has been ticked off the old list.

       This little coffee table has quite a history- it was one of my first really good pieces of furniture in University- my dad build it and painted it navy blue to go with my whole "Celestial"! It remained navy blue for several years until the Mr. and I started playing house- then I painted it Celedon green to match out kitchen table- good stuff. Next this little table was passed down to my niece for her first place- she didn't use it long before it and the rest of her belongings returned to my Sister In Law's house- where the coffee table was painted dark brown and had wheels added- great idea on a patio table!

      The brown was OK but over the past few years since the coffee table was returned to us our Littles have made a bit of a mess of it- it is ground zero for most painting that happens.  So I busted out the hand sander and took it back- almost to the original blue paint before starting in on it's fresh new colour.
I will admit I am a bit smitten with the new look of things- the Duck's Egg blue goes well with all the yellow, green and pink I have going on out there right now!

A Mini Shop Update!

In the same vein- I have a new goody going into the Home section of my Etsy shop next week- this cute little hand screen printed linen cushion cover is up for grabs here first as always- 100% linen front- hand screen printed with colourful flowers- backed with a neutral grey canvas- overlapping back pocket closure. This is a one of a kind pillow cover! $28.00 -19"x19"- if you are interested feel free to message me on in the comment's section or via Etsy or Facebook!

Friends it is Friday again- I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with some old friends as well as visiting with our family in the Okanagan. I hope where ever your days find you that there is sunshine in your heart even if it is not on your shoulders!


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    1. Thanks! I love printing on natural linen!

  2. Ahhhh, I remember that table. I love that it is still around. :) It look fabulous. I love the colour choice. Great job!

    1. I must admit I am totally smitten with the colour myself! I may have sat and stared at it all afternoon- OK well not sat and stared but I invented many excuses to go and look at it!


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