Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Craft Camp: No Snag Hair Elastics

       Last week I noticed that several of my friends had pinned these really cute DIY hair bands on Pinterest- of course I pinned them as well- mainly because I always need hair elastics for myself or Miss Lo. One of these friends had the great idea that we hit up our local fabric emporium - DressSew on Hastings St for you locals- and we loaded up on the magical elastic ( really meant for underwear and bras) with which to make enough hair elastics to last us for an eternity! At .25 cents a metre how could we say no to every colour available?

      So here's the deal- instructions on the original blog- love you madly- instruct you to measure your wrist and add and inch on each side- which for me would be six inches for my wrist plus two more- should be eight inches- perfect! So measure your wrist, add two inches and cut elastic accordingly- easy!

     Next up- tie a knot- yes if you can tie your shoes you can do this craft- just tie a knot and leave a little tail sticking out the end of the elastic. Now you are done- seriously how easy was that?

        Optional- place onto a piece of card stock cut accordingly to the size of your elastics - give away as gifts- but only to people you really like! These would make great take home goodies at a birthday party, perfect hostess gifts or stocking stuffers for sisters and Moms.

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