Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Farmer's Market Favourites

      We have shopped our local Vancouver Farmer's Market all winter and discovered so many products that are now our daily go to's- so many talented Makers in our area doing what they love for a living I thought I would share a few of our favourites here with you today!

    Obviously it is not all kale and butternut squash at the market- a plethora of body products abound and both the Mr. and I have found substitutes for the last of the "conventional" body products in our cupboard. My picks are from Royal Herbs- the Hair Oil and Body Butter- both products are much more gentler on my hair and skin and have almost zero scent- they are also of course all natural and really well priced. The Mr. picked the Moisturizing Shave Soap- no aerosol can for this shaving product- this soap left him with a clean shave and a soft face- I may have to steal it for my legs!

    Aji Gourmet Products are another of my favourites- this is like an all in one seasoning made with fresh ingredients- it could be a relish, condiment, ingredient- the kids love it in their rice and I love it on my eggs- this stuff is amazing! Over at Clipper Organics we love so many of their veggies but they also have a wide selection of preserved goodies too- spices for dips, pickles and our favourite Heirloom Tomato Ketchup. Also the apple chips are a perennial favourite treat for in the car or on the long walk home from school!

     My final favourite Farmer's Market pick of this week is Jane's Honey Bees Lip balm- this stuff is amazeballs- soothing almond oil with a hint- just a hint of mint- nothing too overbearing. The great thing is that when it wears off you aren't left jonesing for your lip balm to the point of losing your mind- as in this lip balm is addictive because it isn't addictive!

    The Winter market has now closed for the season- the final market was last weekend- we of course stalked up with enough local goodies to get us through the next two weeks. The season opener for the Summer market is soon! Prepare to meet your maker at the season openers May 11 at Trout Lake and May 12 at Kitsilano! See you there!

P.S.- I do have two final projects I am wrapping up from Kid's Clothing Week- I am finding it difficult to get motivated to hem a pair of shorts and finish the button holes on a romper- they will get finished and I will post about them- just struggling to make it happen!

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