Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Porteau Cove: A Day Dream

        As mentioned we went into the woods to clear our heads this past weekend- or at least we went to the edge of the woods- as close as the woods get to the ocean. We were headed to Squamish B.C. to check out future living potential- we have this dream - the Mr. and I to live a quieter life filled with space. On our day dream adventure we stopped at a Provincial park for some exploring - Porteau Cove-  popular with local campers looking for a quick weekend get away from the big city.

     Porteau Cove is a full campground located about a forty five minute drive from downtown Vancouver. Perched on the edge of Howe Sound- on the most southerly fjord in North America Porteau Cove affords spectacular views above and below water- this is also a super popular scuba diving location. Water side camp sites as well as two Olympic legacy cabins provide options for both the outdoors enthusiast and the outdoor observer!

    As a family with young kids this is quickly becoming a favourite stop to get out and stretch our legs, explore and of course use the bathrooms! Great picnic tables as well as free parking make this the perfect day trip if a longer camp out is not in your plans. I find it amazing that something so peaceful exists so close to such a big city- this is the perfect introductory campground for new campers- get outside people!

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