Monday, April 1, 2013


        Hello again friends! I can't believe it is Monday again all ready- although today is still technically a holiday the Mr. has to work so we are home after a whirlwind weekend in the Okanagan. Oh and what a weekend! Surrounded by family we were thrilled to attend our nieces baby shower- the newest Little has yet to make her arrival into the world but she was celebrated none the less in style. Lots of pink- cupcakes, jelly beans and laughter followed by unwinding around the fire pit at my Sister- In- Law's house. It was so nice to just sit around and soak up our family and all the love that could be felt!

       This year our Littles are the perfect age and Easter was completely magical- they had so much fun dyeing eggs with Oma and then eating them the next morning at breakfast. I think the all time cutest thing was hearing Miss Lo shrieking in delight  on Sunday morning when she saw that the Easter Bunny had visited! I was in the basement grabbing the camera- of course missing out on said magical moment- but I heard the joy and excitement in her voice and I could just imagine the look on her face- which was good enough for me!


       We rounded out the weekend with a quick stop in Peachland at Momo and Poppa's house as there was a rumour floating around that the Easter Bunny had also visited there- so we stopped and had a fun scavenger hunt complete with clues and lots of outdoor- running around time- before hopping back into the car for a the long haul home. Needless to say the Peachland Easter Bunny did not disappoint!

        We find that when travelling with our Littles by car- of which we do a lot of in the summer months- it is best to have frequent stops for leg stretching and exploring! This stop in Peachland is the perfect way to get all the sillies out before the four hour drive back to the coast! Bonus for this Momma is that my Momma makes a mean latte!

      Of course no stop at my parents house is complete with out a wander around the yard- checking to see what is up in the garden or what the deer have eaten. The garlic is growing in abundance- I'm pretty impressed with how much garlic my dad actually planted this year- hopefully he will share!

        Of course for me weather I am heading to the Okanagan or heading back down to the coast I am always heading home- my heart will always be in the valley at the lake- and no weekend is ever long enough!

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