Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In The Garden

       This time of year- even on rainy days- we migrate outside onto our deck pretty much as soon as we wake up- there are plants to be checked on and watered, coffee to be sipped, naked neighbours to be mocked- yes this is city gardening at it's finest! Our deck is large in comparison to what is offered in much of our neighbourhood- 128 square feet- quite the luxury!

      In between sipping of said coffee I am busily plotting what this summer's garden will contain- yes literally as we take full advantage of all that outdoor space by filling it with containers of veggies! This is our second summer here and I feel like this year I am prepared- I know the sun patterns on our deck- what is in shade and what gets full sun- we know that strawberries do well as do the tomatoes and basil- it's time to branch out this year. I'm excited to try out vertical cucumber gardening, snap peas, radishes and carrots in addition to lettuce and kale that we grew last year.

       As mentioned in a previous post we are trying to start our own tomato plants from seeds this year instead of buying seedlings- and so far so good we have eight plants coming up- although I understand that seedlings are tender young things prone to withering at the slightest of insults- too much water, not enough, too much sun, not enough- I feel its a lot like taking care of a baby in those terrifying early days!

       The garlic is up- although I only have nine plants in comparison to my Dad's one hundred and five (approx guess) plants! But it is a start and next fall I will plant more- I know now what I did right and what I did wrong and I know to plant more than I expect to come up. I guess this gardening thing is a giant lesson in patience and learning- you can't make things grow you can only help them to grow- a great analogy for parenting!

        I always have company out on the deck first thing in the morning- Miss Lo was my lovely assistant this morning- trying out my new garden gloves from the Peachland Easter Bunny- she thinks they should be hers as they are her colour! I'm going to offer up fair warning from here on out- my posts may be a bit late some mornings- I am more than likely out on the deck in my garden checking the progress and sipping a latte!

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