Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Treats!

      Friends this is with out a word of a lie the easiest Spring Treat the Bunny could possibly bring- instructions are as follows and come courtesy of my Mom- queen of toddlers and voted Most Fun Person 2012 by the Littles.

- Take a bag of caramel Chip- Its and melt in any form of double boiler situation
- mix in a few cups of Chow Mien noodles- coating them well with melted Chip-Its
- working quickly stuff silicone muffin cups
- creating a bit of a divit in the middle for the "eggs"
- while the mixture is still soft stick on the eggs- which could be anything from M& Ms to mini eggs
- let the "nests" harden and remove from muffin cups after about 15 minutes
- enjoy!

      Seriously the easiest thing on the face of the planet and oh so cute! Perhaps not at all the healthiest thing but really cute and easy for Littles to help with. Holidays like Easter are so full of sugar and candy any ways right now is the perfect time to let them "bake" a little treat of their own.

       Friends it is Friday again and weather you observe Easter for spiritual reasons or more for the long weekend aspect I hope you take a moment and celebrate the return of hope, the sun, rebirth, Spring, Family and obviously the Easter Bunny! We are headed to the Okanagan to be with our family and we are all so happy- for with the return of Spring  and the sun is the return of our trips East!

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