Friday, April 5, 2013

Some Scrappy Spring Sewing

       Good Morning Friends! Today I thought I would bring you a sunny bit of easy Spring sewing on a gloomy Friday morning! I will admit that I am a bit of a fabric hoarder- I mean really what home sewist isn't! My scrap bin is full of pieces that are being saved for a quilt that I may or may not make "one of these days"!

      Most of those scraps are too small to be made into anything substantial- except for a few good sized ones- and I stumbled across such a scrap just the other day- perfect I thought to myself for a little Spring accessory for Miss Lo! What gal doesn't love a good scarf?

      I used a pattern from one of my favourite little pattern books- Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing For Baby- not much from this book fits either of my Littles any more- but I thought this Kerchief was just the ticket for a young gal on the go.

       As you can see this little Kerchief can be worn in a number of different styles- as a head cover, bandit scarf, jaunty tie! In my opinion mega cute and I sort of wish I could get away dressing like this! Using not much more than a fat quarter this is a great way to use up a little scrap from my bin and add a pop of- well more- colour to Miss Lo's outfits!

       Friday again Friends- the weather is not looking too promising in our neck of the woods- but as per our usual rainy day attitude we will be heading outside for some fun time with cousins again this weekend! So whatever you have planned and what ever the weather- may your weekend be full of laughter and love!

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