Monday, April 8, 2013

This is 6

This is 6 years old- long pony tails, pierced ears, freckles, missing front teeth, monkey bars, blisters, pink- lots of pink, sass, laughing, smiles, tears, fearless, running wild, questioning, rosy cheeks, ahead of the pack- this is 6.

       My dear sweet niece turns six today- although she isn't by any means "my" niece alone- I get to share this wonderful young lady with her other Auntie- and we love her so! We were so blessed to spend time with this gal over the past weekend- watching her in wonder as she sprouts into this next stage in her life- stepping out of being a "Little Kid" into being a bit of a "Bigger Kid".

      Six years ago I vividly remember staying at my parents house for a week- waiting as my sister's due date passed- worrying that I would have to head home before getting to see this new wee little niece. On the last day she arrived- on a beautiful warm Spring day we stopped at the hospital and I got to hold her for the first time- it was magic. This little lady is magic- Happy Birthday Buddy! xox

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