Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life With Boys

      Life with a boy is always interesting- never a dull moment- complicated and highly emotional- filled with lots of hugs and laughter as well as an overwhelming ( or so it sometimes seems) amounts of complicated toys. 

       This unassuming pile of scrap wood arrived at our house late last summer -scraps from Poppa's workshop- the Mr. had some project up his sleeve- ownership of said wood scrap was quickly taken over by The Boy and these five pieces of board have become one of his favourite things to play with.

       At first they were just stacked up- you know like regular blocks- and knocked over- so fun and satisfying but that is a baby's game and soon the wood blocks became a road for Hot Wheels cars. In the most recent incarnation the wood blocks have become some sort of complicated Star Wars game- I don't understand it- I only know that it keeps him occupied for large amounts of time!

        I guess some things never change in the life of boys- they don't like to pick up, they don't like raisins in their bread and the most basic of toys will give them hours of imaginative play. This weekend we are heading back to Poppa's house- the Boy has already put in a request for more wood blocks and... he is hoping to learn how to build things- which will be a whole other can of worms!

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