Friday, April 26, 2013

Kid's Clothing Week:Day 4

    Kid's Clothing Week day 4- I'm surprised I am still actually interested in sewing! It is usually at this mid way point with any project that I start to lose interest! Here we are though- Thursday was day 4 and I am still going strong- it may be all the amazing inspiration to be found on the KCW blog and Flickr page- or maybe just maybe a tad bit of competitiveness on my part that keeps me moving forward! It is easy to get excited about sewing with all the amazing clothes others are posting- it really reminds me of studio days back in art school when people gather for a collective critique!

     At any rate for day 4 I chose to sew the Ofelia dress from Pattern's by Figgy- such a cute little shape and again an easy breezy, fun dress for Miss Lo to wear this summer! I am not sure what this fabric is as I found it on clearance Boxing Week at our local big box fabric store- I loved the sunset colours and soft texture- while I wasn't sure what I would sew with it I knew this fabric would be something special! 

    This is a great little dress to layer up right now when the weather is not quite warm enough for shorts- I think it looks fab over Miss Lo's jeans! I omitted the ribbon detail that is called for down the front of the dress as again I was going for something simple- but I did trim out the sleeves in a warm orange biased tape that compliments the main dress fabric nicely. 

    While the over all goal of this week has been to get a jump start on our Spring sewing and offshoot for me has been connecting with some fantastic people- loving all the great blogs I am stumbling across as the week progresses! I love to see so many people sewing such incredible clothing and doing what they love- I think this is the true reward of KCW!

      Friends it is Friday again! I still have a couple of days of sewing left- I saved a brand new(to me) pattern for over the weekend- I am excited to get started on that! Also if you are local to Vancouver- this weekend is the GOT CRAFT? show and sale that has been moved to Templeton Highschool- if I am not too busy sewing I may swing by- a few of my favourite people will be there including Draw Me A Lion!

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