Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kid's Clothing Week: Day 3

      Kid's Clothing Week- day 3- Children's Blossom Blouse from Sew Liberated- one of my favourite pattern and lifestyle books- with 20 great patterns to chose from I have made almost every single one- yes it really is that good! If you are looking for a wonderful handmade book to act as a jumping off point to a handmade life- this is a good place to start- very easy to follow and lovely pictures to inspire!

      For day 3 I chose to sew the Blossom Blouse- or a version of-  I have made several of these blouses  for Miss Lo over the years as she grows and love how you can change a basic pattern so many times to create very different looks. Today I shortened the sleeves a tad- omitted the elastic gathering for a more simple and clean look. As necessity is the Mother of invention- ahem I was out of elastic- I made a button hole opening at the neckline and inserted vintage silk ribbon into the neck casing.  I love the look of the little drawstring at the neck- paired with the simple sleeves I think this top is very French looking- think Bonpoint style!

     The fabric used is actually Memoire a Paris from Lecien- beautiful soft printed cotton from Japan- very reminiscent of the smocks and nightdresses my Mom sewed for my sister and I in the 70's- really innocent and childish- perfect for the coming months of warm weather when we want to be cool but not let the sun touch those perfect little shoulders!

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