Friday, April 26, 2013

Bonus Post on a Friday

     Hi Friends- I know I already said "Happy Friday" in my post earlier today- but I wrote that post before even venturing outside this morning! The girlies and I were on our own today- The Boy had his Introduction to Kindergarten that he went to with the Mr. So sans boys we headed over to Robson park for a bit of spring time fun- and errr some fabric from Spool of Thread! 

    I'm walking along- girlies in the double stroller telling jokes and giggling, my back pack is full of fabric and dandelions, my jacket is off and the air is swirling with Cherry Blossoms- magic! We walked all over the fair East side of this city today- ending our journey with a visit to our favourite thrift shop- Community Thrift and Vintage- even more magic was to be found there!

    Digging through the children's drawer I came across this beautiful, soft fabric in vibrant green and purple- initially thinking it could be sewn up into something else I pulled it out- only to discover an amazing vintage maxi skirt- although I'm sure it is meant for an older girl- it is a maxi skirt on Miss Lo! We also scored a beautiful embroidered white on white tunic/ apron top for her as well- the nice thing about vintage is you can interpret it into what ever you want really!

       I have been scouring Etsy for a vintage Mexican top just like this one for months now- sturdy fabric with vibrant coloured embroidery! Every top I came across was way over the top- I was looking for something more simple-  and this little number at $9 fit the bill and me perfectly!

      Some days the planets line up just right and everything in the universe just seems to click- today was one of those days- nothing extravagant- just the magic of Spring! Happy Friday Friends- I hope you find some magic today!


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