Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kid's Clothing Week: Day 2

 Day 2 of Kid's Clothing Week and it was decided that The Boy needed some new shorts- this in it's self is nothing new- this kid is growing like a weed and always needs new pants! I think I have sewn this pattern- Oliver & S Sandbox Pants- three times already for him in the past few months- blogged about here and here. To say it's a favourite of both the sewing Momma and The Boy would be an understatement- this pattern is simple and straight forward with fantastic details like the pockets and draw string!

      With the temperatures steadily inching consistently towards 20 degrees I decided to make this pair into shorts- or as we used to call them back in the day- which was also a Wednesday- "Jammers"! The Boy spotted this great whale fabric  at Spool of Thread a few weekends ago- it is Set Sail for Birch Fabrics- lovely soft organic cotton in a great teal shade- accented with a pop of green organic cotton at the cuffs, pockets and waste band. Because this is technically a full length pants pattern all I did was shorten it by about six inches and then add the contrasting green cuff- which finishes the leg off nicely.

       It can be really tough for me to sit down and sew for my boy- the patterns aren't as fun and neither are the fabric choices ( as patterns for the gals)- I am so glad that Spool of Thread is such a great resource in Vancouver- carrying not only inspiring boy's patterns but also tonnes of "masculine" fabric selections that my boy totally digs! When I'm working with great products it is easy to get carried away and want to keep sewing more- hence I have another pair of the Sandbox Pants cut out in a super sturdy brown twill for another day this week!


  1. What cute pants! The whale fabric is awesome, and the pops of green are a great addition.

  2. Thanks- I really struggle to get prints into my boy's wardrobe as he gets older- it's a challenge to find things he likes that are not too "babyish" or too "mature"- this print is just perfect for a 5 year old:)


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