Friday, April 12, 2013

In The Studio With The Littles

      I realized I have not shared what the Littles have been working on lately in our studio- AKA the living room! Yup this week we spread out a bit more- threw down the old plastic shower curtain liner and got creative. Since coming home with a box of apples magically procured by Opa a few weeks ago we have been eating a lot of apples, talking about apples, smelling apples and now painting apples- yes for the first time ever the Littles each tackled a "still life" painting.

        I totally dig the Little's spacial awareness- love how each object has lots of room all by it's self to just exist- how a bowl of fifteen apples becomes a bowl of four apples when observed through their eyes!

       Oh and those toes- with just a hint of orange paint- this is the stance of a serious painter- working on a really, really serious piece! Did I mention how much I love that my kids love to paint? Total proud Momma bragging moment here!

     Since these wee ones of ours have gotten more into painting and art I have felt stirrings of my own desire to create in paint again- something that has been put on the back burner for ever so long! Seeing the excitement in the Little's eyes- being excited about colour and shape- no pretension- just art for art's sake- yeah I can dig it!

     Friends it is Friday again- I'm thinking that in between trips to the Farmer's Market and the fabric store, buying sandals for my wee ones and jeans for the Mr.- you could possibly find me fondling tubes of paint at Opus- caressing the brushes and straightening out the cradle panel section (because no one ever cleans up that isle)! I think a few new colours and a blank canvas are just what I need to get started again- and maybe some Pouring Medium! Hope your own weekend is filled to the brim with sunshine and creativity!

P.S. The Boy just wanted me to let you all know that the picture of him painting in the middle is actually Pineapples that he is painting- not apples- cause Pineapples are yellow and apples are read dontcha know!

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