Monday, April 15, 2013

Changes: Spring

       This Spring so far has been very busy for us- full of change- in a completly great and wonderful way- but this weekend we had no commitments and nowhere to be and we took full advantage of that situation! We just tucked in for a lazy Saturday and Sunday- hoping the Mr. would recoup from his cold- watching cartoons, breakfasting out, trips to the Farmer's Market, park and fabric store. It was pretty much our ideal Vancouver weekend!

       The thing about living in Vancouver is you can always be sure that whatever you plan for- including lazing about outside- is completely subject to the weather. Saturday was grey and drizzly throwing a wrench in our plans- opting instead for a stroll around the Market- which p.s. only has two weeks left at the Nat Bailey location before the vendors close up for a short hiatus and prepare for the Summer Markets.

     Change was in abundance at the Market and we were more than happy to stock up on radishes, fresh local spinach and..... yup rhubarb! Yummo- so nice to see all that fresh Spring produce! I have to say that doing our grocery shopping at the Farmer's Market is the most chill experience ever! For the most part people are happy and full of amazing food- it's easy to wander at a leisurely pace pausing to watch the buskers while munching on cookies or apple chips.

       One thing few people know about me is that I am a magazine fiend- perhaps this is my one environmental "crime"! I love em- usually trading previously read magazines with in my circle of friends helps assuage the guilt- so I was totally stoked to discover the magazine trading station at the Market this week- for sure I will be taking a few to trade next weekend!

     Sunday dawned exactly the opposite of Saturday- over night the weather changed from dreary and grey to sunny and perfect! We ran a few last errands for the weekend and headed to Robson Park- one of our favourite areas of Vancouver- just off Fraser at Kingsway. This area is a favourite because of the park- obviously- but also because of the row of fun (refusing to use the word funky) shops and cafes that line a strange little triangle park- Collage Collage, Spool of Thread and Precious & Few.

     New sandals for Miss Lo were purchased, I got my fill of amazing fabric and plenty of chestnuts were collected. It's so funny that while change is imminent and obvious some things never change- like the smooth, glossy surface of a chestnut that just aches to be thrown through the air by little hands! Or dandelions that must be picked for Mommas and Daddys! Or how when given that chance to do nothing little ones find a world full of "somethings"!

P.S.- The Vancouver Winter Market is closes out the season on April 27 at the Nat Bailey location. Trout Lake Summer Market opener is May 11 and Kits is May 12!

P.S.S. the plant vendors are starting to make an appearance and although tempted I managed to not purchase any seedlings!

P.S.S.S that said if anyone has a small rhubarb plant they would like to trade for some cards or note books or a pair of Momma made kid shorts- let me know we can barter a bit!

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