Thursday, March 14, 2013

When In Rome...

      Some days a person just has to give into the Universe and go with the flow- which is exactly what we did on Wednesday- a grey day turned bright by a bit of puddle splashing and nature observation. Of course there was also the accompanying toddler meltdown but that is what rests on the stoop are for- and the stroller! A random wander through the neighbourhood on our way home revealed loads of Spring goodness and enough puddles for optimal splashing.

     I love how Community Gardens bring neighbourhoods together- people express their creativity in a number of ways- this feel good message was found in a soon to be planted plot in Vancouver's West End- something we all need these days is a little bit of extra love! Bulbs planted last fall are up and are starting to bloom- adding pops of colour to these late winter days- the shy snowdrops are finishing off now and the daffodils are starting to show off.

      As an adult I find myself always pushing forward needing to get to the next place or activity- our children's natural inclination to stop and explore and check things out often results in a much slower pace than we would like. Some days though it needs to be done- my days right now are about getting from point a to point b with them- if it takes us an hour then so be it- when in Rome do as the Romans do! I think these Littles are onto something here- how else would we catch the fleeting last days of those snowdrops? Or see the Rhododendron's full buds just about to bloom? Or notice the bright pink petals scattered all over a set of stairs? When I slow myself down I see things I would have otherwise missed- I look through artist's eyes at the world again- enjoying all around me- yes even in the pouring rain!

      The rain it's self has changed from the cold driving mean rains of winter to a softer more gentler rain of Spring- the Robins are out looking for goodies and everything just feels lighter- perhaps it is the time change but I feel like my back is straighter and the mental fog is lifting.  That extra hour of daylight is really helped me out this week- although we are eating dinner later and I can't be bothered with the laundry- oh wait is that actually due to the time change or just because I'm super lazy?!

    Anyways if you need me this week or for that matter any clean underwear- tough beans- I am outside splashing in some puddles with my kiddos! How are you getting through these rainy days with your Littles? Are you more of an inside family or do you take it outside any chance you get? Also does anyone want to do my laundry?

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