Wednesday, March 13, 2013

That Kinda Day

     We woke up quite early for a school day today- and yet we are still running behind- it is just that kinda day! I dress the Littles - trying to find some clean clothes and having to settle on shorts with long johns underneath for The Boy- he's OK with that- he thinks it's a cool look! Dressing this kid is on par to dressing a cat- which I do have some experience with- it is tricky task and requires large amounts of cajoling but less scratching than with said cat- meanwhile Miss Lo is dressed and twirling around us like a tornado- dancing and letting us know she got dressed "all by myself"- thanks. It is just that kinda day.

    As The Mr. tries to get the kiddos to agree on some form of breakfast food- red peppers for both- bacon for The Boy- egg for Miss Lo- everyone wants something different this morning. I am sitting amidst the chaos trying to write something thoughtful when I remember that The Boy's backpack must be found and healthy snack procured for the day- backpack is located with Monday's leftover apple wedges squished in the bottom. It is just that kinda day.

     I managed a glance out the window as I pulled up the blinds this morning- windy and rainy again today- apparently March is a Lion today- again. I am not looking forward to school pick up in the pouring rain- organizing everyone into rain gear for the walk home- but it is what it is and we live in Vancouver so I am resigned to the situation. I have a sneaking suspicion that if I let it today will get away from me and I won't get to do my Yoga- I'm thinking I have to ignore the mess in the kitchen and sneak in at least a half hour- these days Yoga and meditation is all that is keeping me sane! It is just that kinda day.

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