Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Treasures From the Beach

        Of course I could not come back from the beach on Sunday empty handed- much to the Mr.s dismay he noticed me gathering bits and pieces of driftwood and tucking them into the beach basket. Turns out Ambleside Park is a great beach for collecting driftwood- the clean, sun bleached variety- perfect for making beachy crafts!

    Now I don't really go in for "theamed" decorating but do admit to a sort of costal vibe going on in our apartment- there are large jars with shells, beach glass and shells as well as a stash of larger sized driftwood out on the deck. Perfectly smoothed ocean rocks are also brought home on a regular basis- so it is more of a natural evolution that our home is taking on this beachy look.

     The smaller bits of driftwood found their way onto an old picture frame- I may get a mirror to put in it- to add a bit of reflective light to our hallway. And those rocks? Turns out they look a bit like eggs! I had a bunch of dried grape vines hanging around and so I turned them into this oversized bird's nest- a celebration of Spring!

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