Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Cove

    One of our all time favourite places to visit in Vancouver is Deep Cove- a cute little enclave at the far end of North Vancouver- small but packed with personality. Of course there is our go to spot- Honey's Donuts- the best donuts ever- they only come in three flavours chocolate, maple and plain- baked on site- when they are sold out they are sold out for the day! Honey's also makes a great breakfast sandwich and a mean latte! 

      Once you have had your fill of goodies at Honey's you can either take a leisurely stroll down to the harbour and sit in the sun- watching your kids precariously balance on the big rocks like, explore the beach for tiny baby crabs or hit the hiking trails for a great day hike on part of the Baden Powell Trail. Let's not forget to mention one of my all time favourite shops- Room 6 which is just a few doors down from Honey's- full of treasures and a small, well curated collection of beautiful clothing.

       To me Deep Cove is what a small west Coast town should be outstanding natural beauty to be found- surrounded by mountains, eagles and filled with boats- this place is a post card. Even though it is now technically on the edge of a large city Deep Cove has managed to retain it's small town charm- a large park anchors the town and provides plenty of picnic spots as well as a fun playground- the Littles give it two thumbs up!

      I think what appeals to me about Deep Cove is that it is so similar to Peachland where my sister and I grew up. There is one main street in Deep Cove- ditto Peachland, a great pebbled beach- same as in Peachland, and I could compare Room 6 to my favourite shop in Peachland- Dragon Fly and Amber Gallery. Above all though it is the feeling of comfort that both towns have- they are quiet, they are beautiful, they are quirky. Perhaps this is why I feel so at home in Deep Cove!

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