Monday, March 4, 2013

Over The Bridge to Ambleside

       We live in such a beautiful place- it doesn't say "Beautiful British Columbia" on our licence plates for nothing! So when the incessant rain finally broke and Sunday dawned clear and bright yet cold we bundled up and hit the beach- there was no way we were missing out on this fantastic and dry day! We headed over the Lion's Gate Bridge to a beach we don't normally go to but thought we would check it out- Ambleside Park in West Vancouver.

       Our first true beach day of March if you want to get technical our first true beach day of 2013! I know we hit Spanish Banks a few weeks back but the sun yesterday made this beach day feel like warmer days are on their way.

       The Littles were happy to just run- Miss Lo got to dig which is all she ever wants to do and The Boy got to fly his new kite- from Momo and Poppa on his birthday. Momma and Daddy were happy just to have the sun on our faces and a blanket to sit on!

      As the days are getting longer our thoughts turn back outside- camping, gardening, the beach, biking and hiking- this is going to be a good summer! We have one more amazing day it looks like today before the rains return for the rest of the week- we are headed outside- and yes the dishes are being left piled high in the sink- they can wait for a rainy day!

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