Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If It Makes You Happy...

      Lately so many friends and family are bummed out- down, blue, in the dumps, depressed and just so tiered- I can relate because I am often in that head space as well. Every time I check Facebook some one (ahem- maybe me) is complaining about the rain or the snow (ahem- maybe friend Michelle) and everyone is talking about how excited they are that Spring- is- coming! We are all looking for the signs- see yesterday's post for me grasping at straws- and we are all desperately longing for those live long days of sunshine and summer!

     I would like to let you all in on a little secret- I am an optimist- yup one of those annoying glass three quarters full type people- I can find a silver lining to any cloud given half a chance- the alternative does not appeal to me. I am not sure who I inherited this unsinkable attitude from but it has held me in good stead over the years- and it has helped pull me through the dark days of Winter this year. Now I am not claiming to be perfect or happy all the time- that would be lying- which is just too much work- no what gets me through is a number of age old adages and strategies that I have packed away in my oversizes purse that gives me a sore neck- so I'm dumping that purse out on the table and sharing with you all.

#1- take care of yourself- sleep, eat well, get plenty of fresh air, exercise and stop to smell the flowers- simple and pretty straight forward this actually works- love life and embrace the Joie de vivre!

#2- do not over commit- learn to say no or schedule for the following week- now this could just be my laziness rearing it's adorable head but I learned a long time ago what my limits are and I like to have plenty of time to get where I am going- I also really like being alone so I make time for that too.

#3- be present- no matter what you are doing show up and be present in the moment- not worrying about all the other things that are not being done- by being present you will be more relaxed and able to give your full attention to what you are doing.

#4- everything happens for a reason- yes I read The Celestine Prophecy and I may be quoting from it- but if you pause and look at the situation you are facing it happened for a number of reasons- to teach you something- even in really terrible times I find comfort in seeking the lesson- and I have had my fair share of terrible things- even if that lesson is just grace or patience the lesson is there if it is sought after.

#5- tomorrow is a different day- every day you get to wake up and make a choice about your attitude- you can choose to be grateful for the things you have, you can chose to be happy for those goals you are working towards, you can chose to be miserable- you set the tone for your day

#6- this is a big one for all the ladies cause we have all been there at one time or another- find your happiness not in someone else but in yourself- it is easy to find your happiness and sense of self in a beautiful baby but that baby is a separate individual and they can not make you happy- find what makes you happy for you- find your bliss

#7- on a material note- clear the clutter- we all have way too much stuff- live simply- live well- buy things that will do the job and last a long time- leave the shopping malls people- you will not find happiness there- trust me I looked in every shoe store and happiness was not there!

#8- Fill your cup- with fine boxed wine- or what ever else tickles your fancy- surround yourself with positivity and love- friends and laughter- nature and beauty- music and dancing-ditch the negativity and differences and just accept people for who they are and what they offer up.

     This seems like a lengthy to-do list but this is what works for me- this grey and miserable weather won't last forever- neither will the toddler temper tantrum or any current situation- good or bad- life is always in a constant state of change- embrace the change. Now this is in no way medical advice- I am a painter not a psychiatrist and these steps will not solve any problems only perhaps help your load  be easier to bare.

     I love you all- you wild and crazy bunch of Friends- there is something good coming just around the corner- there always is- Spring, new life, health, love- whatever you are looking for is out there. Make room in your life by getting rid of the negative and creating space for new good- send out an invitation to the universe who knows what will come back? OK now I sound like Oprah!

p.s.- this post is for two special ladies in my life that are really struggling right now- you know who you are- I love you and things can only get better- plus I will be home soon- we will then drink fine boxed wine-xox

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