Thursday, March 28, 2013

Making Bunny Masks

      For me Easter is about hope and birth- new babies- the sun returning- but overall a celebration of hope. It makes sense then that we have an overbearing amount of bunnies, chicks and eggs populating our home right now- if we had a yard I am sure we would have the real deal but until that day we have the paper and chocolate versions!

       Yesterday was such a beautiful day- sunny and bright and full of hope that we felt compelled to make these fun little bunny masks- Miss Lo and her little pal Miss Ro thought this to be the best idea ever!

       I had everything cut out and ready to go- the kiddos just needed to glue and colour in the cheeks- a simple and tidy little project on a sunny morning.  As I have mentioned in the past if you set up kids to succeed with an art project then it is a pleasant experience for all- have everything cut out and on hand before you begin.

     I find that when making masks the best paper to use is inexpensive bristol board- the white paper we used is about half of a large sheet of bristol or poster board. We used a hole punch on the side of the mask to thread ribbon through which was how we tied the masks on their faces- side note- if you have high pony tails like Miss Lo it can be tricky to keep your mask up!

       Once these Littles had their masks tied on they were instantly transformed into a bevy of adorable Spring bunnies- hop hop hopping all over the deck- sniffing out the new garlic and strawberry plants!

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