Friday, March 1, 2013

Sewing For The Boy

   When it comes to Momma made garments my boys usually get the short end of the bargain- it is true Miss Lo gets the majority of my home sewn goodies. I'm not going to lie but girls clothing is just so much more inspiring for me to work on- the colours, shapes and the patterns themselves- also to be fair Miss Lo has already developed a flair for fashion which is really fun to play with! The Boy however usually wrecks his clothes- he is a boy after all and plays super hard- and he also doesn't really care much what he has on his body- yes both children are shaping up into typical gender stereo types.

    I do have a favourite pattern for The Boy- since he really is growing so rapidly- a size 8 all ready! The item we run out of the most is pants- and by run out of I mean outgrow! Oliver & S Sandbox Pants pattern is the perfect boy's pants pattern for a kid on the grow. This is a very easy to follow pattern and simple enough that it is not frustrating to make multiple pairs. This pair sewn from organic chambray fabric- left over from my own dress last fall- is a super soft and versatile pant that can be worn anywhere- so comfortable they are now called "relaxing pants".

    This kiddo is always on the move and these pants are perfect for what I refer to as his "lifestyle" you know one that involves hanging out at the top of the play structure, running and often falling, climbing rocks and wrestling with his sister. These pants offer ease of movement and have great pockets for carrying Lego mini figures as well as other important treasures! The best part of all is that if The Boy happens to trash his pants- for example pop a seam which often happens- they are super easy to fix!

    Friends it is Friday again- thank goodness! I know I have been trying not to complain about the weather but this rain is ridiculous this week- 100mm yesterday alone! So if you are in Vancouver I suggest tucking in someplace dry- like the movie theater! Happy Friday Friends- Lots of love!

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