Monday, February 4, 2013

A Peek at Our Weekend

       Wow another weekend has been and went - sitting here on Monday morning in the quiet, sipping my first sip of latte I am feeling so grateful for such a solidly good weekend. Of course we were up to our usual tricks at soccer and ballet first thing Saturday morning and then a funny thing happened on our way to the Farmer's Market- the sun started peaking through! Amazing- just a sliver but there it was!

      The market was packed this weekend- not only was it member's appreciation day but it was also the start of food truck month- if I read my email right every Saturday there will be new and different food trucks( in addition to the regulars like Vij's). It looked like most of Vancouver must have gotten the same email as I did because like I said the market was packed! We tried Beignets - the donut like concoction covered in powdered sugar and cinnamon from the South- these delicious bites have been on my food bucket list for quite some time and they were every bit yummy as I suspected!

       Sunday was filled with waffles, cartoons and little chores that have been neglected for too many months! February is Birthday month in our home The Boy, The Mr. then Me- we always have an influx of visitors and just knowing my Mom is coming makes me want to tidy closets and clean out the fridge!

    Before I erupted into a cleaning super hero we had a laid back morning with sleeping in and waffles and general lounging about- oh and several episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- so funny that our Littles love the cartoons that we used to love! After breakfast the Mr. took the kiddos out on an adventure of their own and I had the house to myself for a few hours- an unheard luxury in these parts!

       I will admit that I have what is commonly known as cleaning A.D.D.- as in I skip around from one job to the next- so it was only natural that in the course of cleaning out the closets I decided to bring out my Spring clothes- all the light airy fabrics and colours were calling my name! Into storage went all the heavy plaids and long johns that are really only necessary for a portion of the year in our neck of the woods. February is a transition month in my closet- lots of pretty light things combined with chunky knits and boots- my favourite combination!

       The thing about sorting closets out is I often come across things like these mini moccasins- the ones on the left were mine and the ones on the right were Miss Lo's- I am faced at times like this with a very physical representation of how fast these Littles of mine are growing! The Boy is turning five this week- five! It literally feels like just yesterday I was waddling around waiting for him to make an appearance and now he is turning five! My heart is breaking a little friends- I'm not sure if this is normal but I am sad my babies are growing up so fast.

       Then we have an afternoon in the sunshine- playing in sand and water- The Boy finding other boys to play with and Miss Lo climbing to the top of the play structure like the big girls and I am so proud that these big kids are ours! Oh this week is going to be hard for me- I am already getting emotional just retracing our birth day- it was a day that changed us forever. I started down a path to being a better, stronger person- less fragile- a parent. 

     Oh what a weekend- with those week February rays gently bathing us in the sandbox, the delicious food and lots of time spent with friends- we can chock this one up as a good one!

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