Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day & A Promise of Spring

       As much as January was dreary and tough for us to get through- a bit of a long haul- February has the exact opposite effect on me! So full of love and promise- P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!  One of my favourite holidays-we are planning an old fashioned Valentine exchange today- remember those envelopes that teachers would stick to your desk? Today to encourage random acts of love we have made our own little envelopes to stuff full of surprises- we are also delivering some secret admirer messages to friends in our building- pretty sure they will know who it's from!

    The promise that I find in February is the one of longer, warmer days- for us in Vancouver- Spring is right around the corner! Proof exists everywhere these days- today I spotted our garlic sprouting up in our garden- this is my first year plating garlic and it is super exciting to see those little green tips poking through the earth! Not to even mention how happy we all are about the days staying lighter longer- thank goodness things are starting to wake up again!

     Inspired by thoughts of warmer days I finished this cute little party dress yesterday- Miss Lo calls it a Princess Dress- but I think it is something much finer than that! The fantastic fabric was brought to me by my cousin from Ghana- she travels there regularly for work with Engineers Without Boarders- she brings back the most amazing finds! 100% cotton batik in two contrasting fabrics- loving the geometric pattern on the bodice- guaranteed to be a one of a kind dress on any playground!

    I still have to find some buttons to compliment the fabric- there are nine buttons that will be running up the back- decorative and functional- this is a size 3-4 with a very generous hem to be let down as the kiddo grows. Once the finishing touches are done I will be posting this  little gem up on my Etsy site! I have loads more in store for Spring 2013- including some goodies for the Mommas and the house- I can't wait to share!

   I wish you all a very lovey Valentine's day today- full of snuggles from Littles and lots of Fair Trade Chocolate- cause one can never have enough chocolate!


  1. yeah I love this dress Sharilyn! Those fabrics have always been among my favourites. The skirt cloth I have a head to toe Ghanaian style dress that makes me feel like a candy bar wrapper. A princess dress is more appropriate! I'm heading to Ghana early March and can bring back more cloth (some for our wedding of course to make fun decorations with).

    1. I'm pretty pleased with how this dress turned out- the fabrics work together really well! Good thing I have such an awesome cousin who brings me such beautiful goodies!


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