Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Awesome Party

     As was much discussed last week our boy turned five- he is officially five years old now-with that great age comes great responsibility- like choosing what to do for your birthday party. The Boy thought that his friends might like an art party and so we headed over to our favourite little art studio Collage Collage on a grey Vancouver afternoon and jumped into an awesome world of colour and creativity.

     We have done loads of drop in classes at Collage Collage but never a party- we were so delighted with what we ended up doing. Just like a drop in class our party started off with a bit of warm up colouring while we waited for everyone to arrive, then we all settled in for story time- An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton was our inspiration for the art project we were about to embark on.

      Once the story wrapped up we all gathered around the great wood tables and started working on our Rocket Powered Unicorns- which was a pretty awesome thing! One might ask what a Rocket Powered Unicorn is- well obviously it is just as it sounds- Unicorns with rocket packs! Dreaming big and believing in the fantastic is what this book is all about- sharing ideas and positivity- anything can happen if you believe it can- including but not limited to Unicorns with rocket packs!

      The Littles were all really receptive and open to this fun project especially when Erin brought out the glitter glue- which also got a few of us mommas all excited- hello neon yellow glitter glue! I want some! We used pastels, paint, the aforementioned glitter, glue, multi coloured yarn and a whole lot of imagination to create nine very different but equally awesome unicorns all zooming around on roller skates, skateboards or one Unicorn who was on a scooter!

      Even Poppa and Momo came to town for the big event - Poppa got in on the action getting his hands dirty and helping out Miss Lo with her Unicorn. We do a lot of art in our house but even this Momma needs inspiration or direction from outside sources- coming to Collage Collage is just the ticket- we always leave feeling inspired and filled up creatively.

    Of course no party is complete with out a treat of some sort and so after our projects were wrapped up all the Littles feasted on juice and chocolate cupcakes- with blue icing of course. Once the cupcakes were eaten it was as though a switch was flipped- the sugar kicked in and suddenly the room was filled with crazy kids- but that was fine since it was time to go home- parents you are more than welcome!

       A big huge thank you to all of our family and friends- who are like family- for helping us make The Boy's big birthday so very special! Thank you to the Gals at Collage Collage for being super awesome and accommodating- this was by far one of best parties yet! We have some awesome new art on our walls, a new story to talk about and some happy kiddos- I don't think that a party gets better than that!

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  1. Neon glitter glue, yea!!! It was a fantastic party and what a great idea!


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